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J2150: It’s a wrap!

My multimedia journalism class is officially over. Looking back, the first week of J2150 was terrifying. After reading over the syllabus and the class website, I felt so overwhelmed. I had no prior experience with Nikon cameras, Audacity, Soundslides, WordPress, Wix, transcript writing for a TV style news video, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Illustrator, or multimedia journalism in general!

I was freaking out. At the time, it felt like I’d been thrown into a gauntlet that I had never trained for. However, after some encouraging words from Chaz, I knew I would survive.

Now that the class is over and I am flip side of all of those emotions, I am amazed at how much I learned from this class. While I am positive that I made plenty of mistakes, jump cuts, and AP caption flubs, etc. I am so glad that this class introduced me to a plethora of tools and programs that I will be using in future journalism classes. The chance to jump in and experiment has invaluable to me personally and professionally. Knowing that I can succeed at something that I’ve never tried before is a great feeling.

So thank you J2150 and thank you Chaz Maddi, it has been great.


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