Mobile Journalism Assignment: Newsy

Monday, October 29, 2012 – An outside view of Newsy, a multi-source news service located in Columbia, Mo. (Jennifer Marks/J2150C)

What is Newsy

Located in downtown Columbia, Missouri, Newsy is a multi-source news service that covers trending and global news. This means that Newsy looks for their news from various sources from around the Web including cable news, video news, and blogs.

How does Newsy work?

A Mizzou Journalism grad and one of Newsy’s producers, Madison Mack explains how Newsy gathers its news: “We take a look at the media landscape using a few tools that we have… We look at everything that’s online and we say, ‘okay well here’s what’s happening, Al Jezeera had this to say about the story … we try to bring in an array of perspectives.”

Columbia, Mo., Monday, Oct. 29, 2012. A look inside the Newsy office where several University of Missouri journalism students began working after they graduated. (Jennifer Marks/J2150C)


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